3D HR Legal offers competitive rates in various different forms to suit your individual needs.

Fixed Fee Services

Many workplace relations services can be provided on a fixed fee (or maximum fee) basis.  For example, drafting contracts of employment, policies or procedures, provision of training services or undertaking investigations.

Where a fixed fee is possible and preferred by the client, we will always offer such a fee.

Hourly rates

Where you prefer to have your work charged based on the time spent, we offer competitive hourly rates with work being charged per 6 minute unit of time.

Depending on the type of work, we may also be able to offer a capped rate service where the work is charged on an hourly basis up to a set amount.  If the work takes longer to complete you won’t have to pay anymore, but if it is completed under the cap, you will only have to pay the lower amount.

Service Agreements

Another alternative is to contract the services of 3D HR Legal on a fixed arrangement.  This may take a few different forms.  For example, it may involve one of our practitioners working within your company for a set period of time such as one week or perhaps for a day per week over a set number of weeks.  Another option is to engage 3D HR Legal on a retainer basis paying a set fee per month for unlimited general hr/ir queries.

Pro Bono/Not for Profit

3D HR Legal strongly supports the existence of not for profit organisations and charities.  We look forward to supporting them by way of providing legal services at a reduced rate or a no fee basis depending on the circumstances.

Have a question? Send it to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.