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Is my BUSINESS eligible for JobKeeper?

Take this quiz to find out if your business is eligible for JobKeeper

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Are my EMPLOYEES eligible for JobKeeper?

Once you know your business is eligible, it is time to take a look at your employees.
Take this quiz to find out if your business has eligible employees for JobKeeper payments.

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WEBINAR: jobkeeper unpacked

Jo Alilovic and Daniel Taborsky unpack everything you need to know to help you make sense of the JobKeeper scheme. In this webinar we answer these questions and more:

- Is the JobKeeper scheme good for my business?
- Is my business eligible?

- Are my employees eligible?

- Can I reduce the hours of work of my employees?
- Can I ask my employees to perform duties outside their usual duties of work?
- Are employees on unpaid parental leave entitled to JobKeeper payments?
- Can a business change the salary of an employee to reduce it?
- Are employees who have been on unpaid leave at their choice eligible for JobKeeper payments?
- Does annual and other leave accrue on JobKeeper payments?
- Does an employer need to backpay an employee who was stood down to the date they were stood down?
- Does an employer have to pay the JobKeeper payments to ALL eligible employees? Or can they choose some and not others?
- How does superannuation apply to JobKeeper payments?
- Are beneficiaries of trusts eligible for JobKeeper payments?
- How do we “top up” payments to employees who don’t normally earn $1500 a fortnight?
- How do service entities fit within the JobKeeper scheme?
- Do you have to pay back JobKeeper payments if you thought you were eligible and then found out you weren’t?
- Can a partner in a partnership claim for JobKeeper payments?

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article: jobkeeper- what's in it for your business?

There is a lot of hype and questions about the new JobKeeper scheme - particularly working out eligibility. However, the question that needs to be asked is:
'Is the Jobkeeper scheme a good idea for your business?'

This article covers the key pros and cons of the JobKeeper scheme from a legal and business operations standpoint.

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