Major Changes to Australia’s Workplace Relations Laws – Is your business ready for it?

The Labor Party hasn’t wasted any time delivering on its promises since taking leadership in Federal Government. The Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill and Respect at Work Bill were passed in late 2022. They amend Australia’s workplace relations laws to, amongst other things, stamp out pay secrecy clauses, restrict use of fixed/maximum term contracts, strengthen laws preventing sexual harassment at work and provide for appeal of refusals to allow flexible work.

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July 2023 – New Financial Year Minimum Wage Increase 

As of 1 July the Australian minimum wage and award rates have pay have been increased. All employers need to conduct a review of their rates of pay to ensure they are meeting minimum requirements to avoid underpayment claims for wages or superannuation.  Minimum Wage Increase This year the Fair

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Overtime for Professionals Award employees coming in soon

Earlier this year a Fair Work Commission (FWC) decision varied the Professional Employees Award 2020 (Award). The decision changes 2 areas of the Award being hours of employment and compensation for extra hours (with effect from 16 September 2023) and coverage of the Award (already in effect). In short, to avoid the risk of

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Is Hybrid really all it’s cracked up to be?

12 months ago, I decided to embark on an experiment by taking on an office location for my law firm after 6 years of running a virtual practice. The purpose of this experiment – to test the hypothesis that hybrid is the best business model. The short answer? From a

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Are you ‘HR ready’ for the new financial year?

As the end of the financial year approaches, it’s a good opportunity to take stock and make sure you are set up and starting the new year on the right foot when it comes to some HR fundamentals. Here are the top 5 questions we are asking our clients at

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is jobkeeper right for my business

JobKeeper: What’s in it for your business?

Is the new JobKeeper payments scheme the saviour for business it is being made out to be? The answer is – not always. You need to give solid thought and consideration to whether the JobKeeper payments are a useful tool for your business before you even attempt to work out

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5 Tips for Managing Staff Working from Home

COVID-19. It could end up being the single biggest cause of an uptake in flexible and remote working practices. It’s been fabulous to hear from so many employers who are taking proactive steps to put in place proactive strategies for dealing with this new safety threat. For many this means

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