is jobkeeper right for my business

JobKeeper: What’s in it for your business?

Is the new JobKeeper payments scheme the saviour for business it is being made out to be? The answer is – not always. You need to give solid thought and consideration to whether the JobKeeper payments are a useful tool for your business before you even attempt to work out

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5 Tips for Managing Staff Working from Home

COVID-19. It could end up being the single biggest cause of an uptake in flexible and remote working practices. It’s been fabulous to hear from so many employers who are taking proactive steps to put in place proactive strategies for dealing with this new safety threat. For many this means

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3 Questions to Ask before Staff Start Working from Home

The Federal Government’s latest announcements mean the shut down of many businesses. As a result, more businesses are rushing to implement working from home arrangements. However, starting a working from home arrangement is not as simple as just sending your staff home with a computer. I’ve recorded this video to

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Protecting your business and employees during the coronavirus pandemic

We, like everyone around the world, have been avidly watching and listening to all of the updates on the spread and actions taken to limit effects of the coronavirus.  Understandably, anxiety levels are increasing. Business owners are worried about staying in business, and employees are worried about keeping their jobs.  As

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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts are a waste of money. Aren’t they?

The law doesn’t require written employment contracts. So why should you spend time and money on them? Short answer – not having an employment contract is a sure-fire way to land your business in plenty of confusion and hot water. If you need some convincing, here are the three top things

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment: 4 tools to limit your liability

Sexual harassment isn’t only something you have to worry about at the Christmas party. In 2012, the Australian Human Rights Commission found sexual harassment in the workplace affected around 1 in 5 people aged 15 and older. Times have changed. So have our standards for what is and isn’t acceptable

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5 staffing tips to prepare your business for Christmas

It’s not all about the Christmas Party! Thinking about staff and Christmas tends to lead to thoughts of Christmas parties. While a Christmas party never goes astray, there are other important things to plan for too. The time to start preparing is now. You need to manage expectations of the

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