3D HR Legal provides a full range of workplace relations services.

3D HR Legal believes in providing tailored, personal, succinct advice to clients.  Our approach is always to listen to you to understand your needs before providing you with information and advice regarding employment law requirements that will break down any misconceptions you may hold and enable you to make the best possible decisions.  We don’t believe in providing standardised answers or documents that simply require you to fill in the blanks.

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HR Advice and Support/Counselling

Whether you have a dedicated HR team or not, there will be times when you may benefit from some extra support.  With expertise in HR management as well as the law, we are well placed to assist clients with all day to day HR matters.

3D HR Legal also understands that often HR advice is required urgently.  Therefore all enquiries are responded to quickly and concisely.

Examples of the types of advice commonly sought on an as needed basis include urgent telephone advice prior to a performance management meeting, drafting or amending warning and termination letters, and assisting with interpretation of modern awards and contracts.

For businesses with no, or limited, HR expertise, 3D HR Legal can offer a monthly fixed fee service to provide support to management in relation to day to day HR matters.


When misconduct issues arise in the workplace it is important to ensure that they are properly investigated to maintain fairness to all parties involved.  Early forward planning will help to ensure that legal risks are minimised.

3D HR Legal has experience with investigations in respect of a variety of different workplace issues including sexual harassment, bullying, safety incidents and misuse of company property.

Our assistance may involve providing detailed advice about the appropriate conduct of a workplace investigation, and/or providing privileged legal advice on the findings of an investigation regarding the potential legal risks of taking action, or it may extend to undertaking the complete investigation (conducting interviews, writing necessary communications, etc) and producing the report.

Termination - Unfair dismissal, adverse action

Lack of knowledge about termination laws makes the termination process difficult and stressful for all parties.  3D HR Legal can assist employers and employees minimise this stress and possible future disputation by providing advice on termination procedures and legal requirements prior to termination occurring.

In the event that legal action is (or needs to be) commenced, 3D HR Legal can provide representation in the relevant Court or Commission.

3D HR Legal has significant experience in all forms of litigation arising from workplace disputes including unfair dismissals in both the WA Industrial Relations Commission and the Fair Work Commission, denied contractual benefit claims and general protections claims in the Federal Court.

Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Having and maintaining adequate employment contracts, policies and procedures is one of the best techniques a business can use to prevent issues arising in the workplace.  If you haven’t had your documentation updated for some time, we recommend you consider our Workplace Audit.

3D HR Legal specialises in providing documentation that is in plain English – easy to read and understand.

We can also assist to review and interpret your current documentation.  For example, to determine if and how a particular workplace policy applies, or how a common law contract interacts with a modern award or enterprise agreement.

Performance Management

Performance management is not a process that happens once a year.  Performance expectations need to be managed continually and issues need to be addressed as soon as possible after they occur to prevent issues escalating and leading to internal conflict.  Most importantly, the process should be well planned and considered from the very beginning to prevent legal claims arising.

3D HR Legal can assist by providing expert advice to help you understand the legal requirements in a performance management process, such as what is and isn’t acceptable, and debunking myths like the need for three written warnings before termination of employment.  We can also assist in drafting responses to allegations and in drafting performance management and termination letters to employees.

Change Management/Restructure

Businesses are hardly ever stagnant.  However, the process of change can be very difficult to manage and may lead to disputation.

3D HR Legal can help to create strategies for implementing change in the workplace.  This change might range from the introduction of a new policy to the communication of a whole company restructure.  We can also provide detailed legal advice on the implications of any change such as redundancies and transfer of business obligations.

Equal Opportunity and Discrimination

3D HR Legal can draft and assist with implementing equal opportunity policies.  In the event that an allegation is made in the workplace, we can assist in responding to that allegation including conducting any necessary investigation.

If the matter is unable to be resolved, we can provide representation in both State and Federal tribunals.


One of the main objectives of 3D HR Legal is to help clients minimise the potential for conflict arising in the workplace.  One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that all people in the workplace are properly trained on an ongoing basis in their workplace rights and obligations.

3D HR Legal has significant experience delivering different forms of training including induction training, specialised 101 employment law training for supervisors and managers, training in managing injured and ill workers, and training on implementing change such as redundancy and termination.

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IR/Enterprise Bargaining

An enterprise bargaining agreement can provide significant benefits to employees and employers.  Not only does it provide clarity on the terms and conditions of employment, but it locks those conditions in for a set period of time.

Unfortunately the process of negotiating an agreement can be very time consuming and adversarial.

3D HR Legal can provide you with all the information you need about the pros and cons of various agreements and to help you develop and implement effective IR strategies.  Once a strategy is determined we can assist in negotiation with employees/unions, provide right of entry advice and provide representation in the event of an industrial dispute.

Workplace Audit

One of the best ways to prevent issues arising is to give your business a regular health check.

3D HR Legal can help you ensure that your workplace relations documents and procedures are current and compliant by undertaking a workplace audit.  In keeping with 3D HR Legal’s belief in getting to know a business before providing any advice, a brief review of current documentation will normally form part of any initial meeting to work out how we can help your business.  These meetings are conducted on a no charge basis.  If you would then like a formal review of the documentation with a report regarding potential breaches of minimum employment standards and any recommended changes, we can do that for an agreed fixed fee.

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health is an important issue for all workplaces.  3D HR Legal can  provide advice on general safety obligations, assist in drafting workplace safety policies, conduct investigations following safety incidents, assist in responding to any contact from WorkSafe (or other relevant authority) and represent clients where matters proceed to Court.


3D HR Legal can provide assistance and representation when claims are made in relation to employment or safety matters in the workplace.

Our experience includes representing clients in the various commissions and tribunals including the Fair Work Commission, Federal Court, WA Industrial Relations Commission, Equal Opportunity Commission and State Administrative Tribunal.  Such representation can commence from before the time a claim is actually instigated all the way through to hearing.

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