Hybrid Workspace – The new working system for your business?

Perth Australia Hybrid Workspace

Our team at 3D HR Legal has been a remote team since Jo Alilovic founded the business in 2016. Jo has always embraced the concept of working from home in a safe and productive environment and encouraged staff and clients to do the same.  

In Jo’s book, Homeforce®, she discusses the importance of working remotely and having the options for your employees to work from home, and how to go about it. Whilst we know there are many benefits for your business, there are also a number of legal requirements and considerations when it comes to implementing working from home (WFH) arrangements.

Change is a great thing to embrace in your business 

We know in order for businesses to grow and prosper, changes must be made. So here we are in 2022, experimenting with a new hybrid workspace environment that includes a new office space! It’s a working system many of our clients have moved to, so we wanted to try it out for ourselves. 

Our new vibrant and welcoming workspace provides options for our team, another environment to work, thrive and provide the best service to our clients. We are using it as a neutral space to come together as a whole team at least quarterly, for learning experiences and relationship building.

Shared with another boutique law firm, we’ve created a collaborative environment to further boost our productivity and create an engaging and diverse co-working experience. 

Finding the balance 

Here at 3D HR Legal we strongly believe having the flexibility to provide remote working options to your employees is a top idea, however providing a hybrid opportunity where employees can also utilise an office workspace also provides benefits. 

All businesses will have their own reasons for allowing working from home or going ‘hybrid’, but whatever the reasons behind your choice, it’s important to ensure you meet all legal requirements for the choice you make. 
If you have been considering a new working system for your business but have concerns about the legal requirements, talk to us today.  Book an obligation free chat here or contact us.


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