Liz is passionate about helping to create harmonious workplaces where coexistence thrives. She believes in building from a solid foundation – proper training, procedures, and properly drafted documents – so businesses can run smoothly, and legal complaints are minimised. Due to this belief, Liz has developed a keen interest in plain English legal drafting, problem solving and commercial negotiating.

Liz has worked in employment law since being admitted to practice in 2009 (aside from spending 2 years in the investigations team at the Legal Profession Complaints Committee, and a couple of intermissions to have her kids).

Liz is an experienced meditation guide and specialises in online meditation guiding and presenting meditation workshops. She is acutely aware of the value of improving mental health in any workplace, including increased creativity and productivity, improved relationships, reduced sick leave arising from stress and burnout, fewer complaints, and general improvement in the overall wellbeing of employers and employees alike.

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