Myra has over 10 years comprehensive experience in various areas of law including, conveyancing, commercial law, commercial litigation, government not-for-profit, estate planning, deceased estates, probate, and family law. Myra has worked for large and small teams requiring a high level of commitment, attention to detail and a high calibre of administrative and organisational skills.

Having spent many years working front and centre in fast-paced legal assistant, personal assistant, paralegal and management roles, there isn’t much Myra hasn’t encountered when it comes to business administrative support. Myra has had the privilege of working closely with company directors, partners, special counsels, notary and senior associates throughout Perth, Western Australia. This has given Myra exposure to a variety of working environments and management styles. Myra is professional, diligent, enthusiastic and takes pride and passion in getting any task done.

When not organising the office, Myra can be found training and coaching at her CrossFit gym where she is lifting 2.5 her body weight (wow!) and doing all things gymnastics. Myra loves surfing with her young family and being outdoors.

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